Snore Circle Anti-Snore Device

The technique behind this device is insert a micro impulse inside the device to stimulate muscles contraction and avoid airways being blocked by the flaccid muscles.

With the Snore Circle Smart Electronic, Anti Snoring Device placed comfortably under the chin while you are sleeping, the sensors in the device will work to detect and collect snoring data. It is small and easy to wear.

Its own Snore Circle APP allows you to see your snoring and sleep data. Compatible with bluetooth 4.0, your snore guard works continuously while you are sleeping, and monitor your sleep mode from time to time. You can easily show your data to your doctors to keep them informed of your sleeping quality.

Anti-Snoring device is can be used in many places, for example in high-speed railway train, airplanes, offices, long-distance rides and other plots. It is portable and easy to use. You can also send friends as a present so that they can also enjoy the fun of technology.

When you turn it on, snore circle will automatically enter the preset working mode, No age limited, easy to use.

You can see your sleep patterns and sleep quality; the wake up status through the app. This device enables you to know your sleeping pattern and well-being better.

Weight: 12g

Size: 38 x 22 mm


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