Smart Wearable gifts for the holidays ?

Here are few pointers before actually buying them.

The holiday season is upon us and if you are considering smart wearable gifts to your loved ones, here are the things you would need to consider.  First off, though we need to define smart wearables, according to Wikipedia. 

 Smart wearables are smart electronic devices that are worn close to and/or on the surface of the skin, where they detect, analyze, and transmit information concerning e.g. body signals such as vital signs, and/or ambient data and which allow in some cases immediate biofeedback to the wearer. 

As much as focusing on the benefits & convenience that comes with wearables there are also considerations that need to be taken such as privacy, accuracy & overall experience.  

Clarico-Offer style 5

Smart Beanie & Glove Medley

A wonderful fashion forward seasonal gift, warm winter fashion with on the go tunes! 

1. Battery life :

One of the bottlenecks for most developers is balancing battery life with features, the more features a product has the less battery life. Hence when you're buying a wearable you need to consider the exact features you want for the longest battery life. 

2. Justified cost:

Does the cost justify the benefit? If expensive & medical grade sensors need to be integrated to the wearable device you should expect to pay a higher price. 

3. Stylish & fashionable:

In Smart wearables industry, you can judge a wearable by its cover, this is true often because design is the integral part of the overall experience. hence the more esthetically appealing a product is, the most likely to be of higher quality.  

Clarico-Offer style 5

Smart LED Backpack

One of the most unique gifts this season, Project text, GIF animations, or images, Multi-lingual & Group Message ability. 

4. Compatibility & interoperability:

By default your wearable should be compatible with both Android & iOS systems, in addition some might even be interoperable between different applications. Products such as activity trackers should be interoperable and compatible with multiple fitness APPS. 

5. Waterproof or water resistant:

Waterproof is different from water resistant, this is because water-resistant means it has some type of tolerance for water whereas waterproof means it is tightly sealed and indeed waterproof.  

IP – which stands for ingress protection is a universal rating system set up by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).  It rates the intensity of water ingression as IP67, IP68 or something close. The first digit in this case 6 denotes its ability to ingress tiny solid particles such as dust whereas, the second digit represents the product's ability to ingress water and other liquids such as sweat.

In general the higher the trailing numbers the better the protection. 

6. Functionality:

Probably by far the most important aspect is how functional the wearable is, being smart and excellent design do not substitute for function. It is imperative that the smart wearable you buy matches the function as simply and intuitively as possible. Smart wearables are innately less complicated than any other smart device you will buy hence simple and intuitive function & interface are crucial.  

Smart Nail (press on acrylic)

The ultimate stealth wearable designed for women, Share your eBusiness card with a wave of the hand, Send text messages, schedule calls, & covertly share your location

Clarico-Offer Timer

7. Level of Smartness :

Not all smart wearables are created equal, at wearme we classify our smart wearables in to three major categories. 

Level I - Simply that connects to your phone or other bluetooth capable devices with limited functionality 

Level II - Has its own app or fits with other popular apps in IoS and Android stores.

Level III - does not only have its own app and integrates with others, but also has some type of smart automation /artificial intelligence built in to it.  

So the higher the level the better functions and custom the smart wearable is, hence the costlier

8. Data security:

Lately this has been a very sensitive issue for most wearables users and developers, with constant changes in privacy laws and the regulatory environment it is becoming increasingly important to protect user data and how it is handled. In ideal situation the perfect wearable will store user data encrypted on distributed servers based on the users vicinity. But in most cases it might be better to save the data in the users phone, PC, or iCloud than saving it in the developer's own servers.  

Few who do are now offering subscriptions for data storage as part of the offering, which allows them to build and maintain distributed and secured cloud storage for their customers. 

9. Siri, Alexa & Smart Assistant Capable: 

Your wearables should in essence should be capable to communicate with all types of smart assistants; which should actually be part of the interoperability criteria. Having that feature is going to give the ultimate hands free experience

10. Built ethically with your safety and prolonged use in mind

This has more to do promoting fair competition and market and production practices, such as how wearme empowers small and medium sized developers to quickly take their wearable ideas to products ethically with the utmost safety controls and your data privacy

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