VUZIX BLADE® Smart Glasses

Perfect for both tech enthusiast and everyday users; Vuzix Blade® delivers enhanced functionality for your on-the-go, hands-free, mobile computing requirements.

Stay connected and navigate without the need to constantly look at your phone out your pocket. Ideal for mobile applications – from social media such as Facebook and wechat to navigation, light augmented reality, HD photography and video recording.

Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses (weighing 3.36 ounces) support streaming video content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and others. The field of view (FOV) on the Vuzix Blade is equivalent to a 32” TV at 8 feet away

Compatible Vuzix Blade applications ranging streaming and video platforms, web browsers, shopping and restaurant experiences, news, weather, social media, utilities can be downloaded directly on the Blade from the Vuzix App Store. Vuzix Blade runs BladeOS, an Android based operating system (OS). The Blade will automatically update its OS over-the-air when the device is connected to WiFi

Battery Life can range from 2 hours when watching a movie on Netflix and using applications and down to 35 minutes when using the camera continuously to record video.


a compatible iOS or Android device and the Vuzix Blade Companion app for set up and BT communication link between the Blade Smart Glasses and the phone.


1 BT headphone,
1 analog earbuds,
1 analog Micro USB converter and
1 Micro USB to USB power cord

With Alexa Built-in, Vuzix Blade users can book an Uber, set timers, create lists, hear and display the news or weather, control smart home devices, and more


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    Optics and Electronics

    Waveguide based see through optics

    Cobra II DLP based display

    Vibrant full-color DLP display

    Quad Core ARM CPU

    8 Megapixel camera, supports 720p 30fps or 1080p 24fps

    Android OS


    Touch pad with gesture

    Head motion trackers

    Haptic vibration alert

    Remote control app for Android & iOS device

    Versatile Eyeglass Options Available

    Prescription inserts

    All lenses standard UV protection

    Audio + Connectivity & Battery

    Micro USB ear-phone jack

    Full BT functionality

    Noise canceling microphone 

    MicroSD expansion slot

    Wi-Fi and BT wireless

    Micro USB 

    Internal LiPo rechargeable batteries