Promotion and Localization Services for Suppliers

Wearme has a dedicated team of marketers, localization experts and translators. We provide these services for Wearme suppliers who wish to get help in running business and SEO campaigns via Wearme, mainly for entry in to China and/or US markets. We also assist in translating web/mobile apps and content for registered supplier members.  

Onsite Promotion

we have daily editorials and weekly mentions on our site as part of the membership package. If you would like to be featured or mentioned extra on our site, or our own social media channels, please request a quote and our representatives will be in touch. 

Offsite promotion

We could also assist you in your offsite promotions, including event marketing and social media management - wechat, weibo, tiktok (douyin), facebook, linkedin, twitter and instagram etc.  

why localize 

Language is a key factor in the selection of your products, if your product description is written only in English/Chinese only the customers that are able to understand would order. This includes your web/mobile apps that you provide along with your physical product unless localized could not be used by all your customers.  

Other support services

If you are a supplier only based in US or China and plan to do a light expansion, we could connect you to other support providers : company incorporation, accounting, compliance etc.