Smart Bluetooth L.E.D Backpack

This Smart LED backpack probably is one of the coolest backpacks you could find in the market. It features full color LED display tethered to your phone via bluetooth and comes with its Own App.

It is able to project images / doodles to up to 64 x 64 pixels, with support for almost all languages.

Once connected with your phone you could download LED CLUB (its own app) to start using and projecting images to your cool LED backpack, any text, image or even GIF animations.

For those who are in to graffiti, this would be the best medium to bring out and advertise your skills becoming your own billboard.

Coordinated Group Display Mode:

For those who want to group up and project similar images/text, they could coordinate together and get the message being displayed from a single cellphone.


The smart display is able to run four lines of text, in all types of colors, if you choose so you could select a color for each one of the letters.

Though It uses 3rd Generation LED display and is powered by a 5V Power Bank, it barely weighs 1.2KG (2.64 lbs.)

Measuring 44 x 34 x 16 cm (17" x 13" x 6.3"), with S - Strap for the ultimate comfort, the bag has multiple compartments for your daily usage and daily items. The S-Type shoulder straps feature honeycomb heat dissipation design technique that can effectively relieve shoulder pressure and make traveling a lot more breezy.

It is made from a high density nylon fabric which gives it a high density and makes it waterproof - perfect for carrying it during rainy days, it also doesn't wear and tear easily.


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