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For Product Designers

Wearme is a smart wearables marketplace that helps small and medium sized smart wearable product designers like you to build and sell their smart human wearables.

Smart wearable designers ourselves, we have identified the biggest challenge to building meaningful wearables as the disconnect between product designers, manufacturers and wearable users.

  2.  Can I build on Wearme ?
  3.  Running Validation 
  4.  Building prototype
  5.  Crowdfunding 
  6.  Manufacturing
  •  Can I Sell on Wearme? 
  •  Setting up payment
  •  Setting up your storefront
  •  Managing your store
  •  Shipping your products
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Build your wearables

all the way 

We can help from validation, prototyping to crowdfunding & manufacturing through out your product development.  

Validate your Idea

Making sure that your product idea is what customers want & if it is manufacturable.  

prototyping your POC

We will assist you all the way until you have your prototype ready for scale manufacturing; all the way from the dev board to PCB & technical product design. 

prep you to crowdfund

We work with one of the biggest crowdfunding campaign management companies, that not only could predict the product success but also guarantee you six figure raise. By helping you prototype & validating your tech, you will be in the best position to raise your pre-orders & crowdfunding campaigns. 

Set up your Scale Manufacturing

During & post crowdfunding, we will make sure that you already have a vetted contract manufacturer in place, with no sudden surprises. You will have access to their premium engineering team as well as assembly line in time to fulfill orders from your backers

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sell your wearables

direct to customers

Sell to Wearme community, Sell through Wearme unboxers & Influencers to the world.  No fret over getting paid, storage & shipping. 

Sell Direct to customers

Sell direct to Wearme community of savvy, early tech adopters. Sell to the world by collaborating with Wearme influencers and their followers to reach the audience size that will ensure the next version of your smart wearable (V.2.0) ensuring product continuity. Get paid to a bank of your choice, payment wallet or anything in between.    

Free warehouse storage in (US/China)

We provide free warehousing for your products both in China & the US (for orders ~200 units/month), this means you do not have to worry about storage fees nor other costs associated with them.   

Shipping & delivery 

We work with 200+ shipping solution providers to deliver your product to the right to your customer's doorsteps

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