Account Approval & onboarding

Designer Accounts

Applies to both Building & Selling on Wearme

Our end goal is to provide you with an excellent community that will help you to build your ideas in to reality, as well as a community that would support you all the way in bringing your ideas to a larger audience of users. 

In order to do that we VET each and every one of our designer members in order to maintain a quality and thriving eco-system; as well as fulfill our obligations to our customers, investors and stake holders.   

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Building on wearme

approval onboarding process

Although the approval and onboarding process depends on the type of wearable that you are planning to build, here are the general steps that will get you started.  Please note: we reserve the right to amend the process as we see fit

(*) Steps 1-4 are required, if you're planning to crowdfund your smart wearables 

We will help you run a validation test using a focus group in person or via social media or third party offerings. 

We will run a quick tech validation to see if the technology exist or could be pulled from hard/deep tech and how much effort is required to realize it. 

This is where your idea will be sent to our vetted manufacturers to get an idea on its manufacturability, component and other supply chain issues are analyzed. 

Base off of the idea, tech and manufacturability analysis, we will help you draw up a cost estimate and ETA to proof of concept & finally a working prototype. 

Here we will offer 3-5 engineering teams and designers to help you prototype your product. You will be able to review their portfolios and make your decision. 

This is where we sign a development contract including assignment of IP rights and other paperwork that need to be signed.

Once payment has been completed & all the paperworks are in place, we will launch the project and you will be informed all the way. You will be updated on the daily stand-ups, daily and weekly progress reports

We will reiterate and modify your prototype as needed once we have a working proof of concept to fit the use case and end user needs. 


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Selling on wearme


The approval & onboarding process for selling on Wearme is pretty straight forward. It starts after you have requested verification and ends after you have successfully published your products.

We will do our best to verify the address you have provided automatically. If discrepancies occur, we might want to you verify in other ways such as sending a post card.  


We require ID verification for Individual Designers as well as company registration information for companies. 

We accept DUNS information if your company has one already. 

All products that are to be sold on Wearme have to be reviewed by our staff before going live.

We have the right to verify the specifications you have provided, which might at times entail tear downs.

We usually pay for / compensate you for the product in such cases. 

All designers that intend to work with Wearme are required to sign a development contracts. These are online contracts that are binding and expire according to the membership plan that was bought/granteD

Your account will be pending payment verification, especially if you have chosen to wire transfer instead of the default payment method.

We accept ACH wire transfers, stripe, Alipay & WeChat pay. 

This is where we will help you set up your store terms and product details: such as product pictures, product videos and description as well as the terms & accessories to upsell to your customers. You will also be able set up your preferred method of payment.